Invitation Letter

Dear Academics and Researchers

Subject:  2nd Annual Conference on British Muslim Minorities

This conference aims to encourage academic and quality research on Muslim minorities’ issues, and trying to provide academic and practical solutions to the problems and challenges of social, political, educational that faced by Muslim minorities in Britain. Aiming also to create a forum of dialogue on related issues for researchers and stakeholders.

Centre for Arab Progress – London is pleased to invite researchers and academics to participate in the 2nd Annual Conference, to be held on (20th November 2020), entitled: “British Muslim Minorities”.

The conference aims to become an important academic and research platform in the UK on Islam and Muslim minorities and related matters. In addition, the papers that are accepted and presented in the conference will be published as hard copy and in electronic format.

Your participation will certainly enhance the content of the conference and increate its value as an academic research activity organized by Centre for Arab Progress.

The 1st Annual Conference was a great success where we had about 15 academic papers from different academic institutions across the UK presented in one day, with about 55 attendees. 12 papers are being accepted for publication, as promised, they will be published in a special proceeding and are currently in the process of review.

Best Regards,

Dr Nehad AA. Khanfar
Head of Organizing Committee